Welcome to the World

The princess thought that the journey to the world was quick and easy, but as she was going farther from the kingdom gates, things began to look darker. Until she found herself inside a space with her liquid cloak covering her. Then she heard a voice of a woman but she could not understand her language. The princess was wondering where she was, as she felt fear. She was hearing this woman speaking to an angry man, shouting at the top of his voice. The princess felt trembling fear the man wanted to kill her! She was crying, she was helpless, it was so dark, she wanted to go back to the kingdom! Then she remembered what her father said, “I am with you, I will protect you.” then peace will be upon her.

As the days go by, she felt the space around her becoming tighter and tighter she wanted to get out of that dark place! “This is not what I imagined the world would be”,the princess said.And everyday she would hear the woman crying, and angry. She would hear the man shout at the woman, but say sorry at the end of their quarrel. The princess felt she was not welcomed in this place, she felt insecure and unwanted. She would cry most of the nights and would just want to go back to the kingdom where there is full of love and joy and peace and everything was sparkling bright!

Now the woman became more gentle, she now talks to the princess as if she can see her. The princess became more comfortable with the woman’s voice as the days go by. She would feel her touch as if the woman was really touching the princess. 


The Princess

This is the story of a princess living in an ordinary world. A world full of trials, struggles, hardships, temptations, doubts fears, selfishness, and pressures. The world she lives in is not what she thought it would be. The princess used to live in an extravagant kingdom where streets are sparkling gold, mansions are built […]